along the E47

A two-part highway development strategy for regional growth on Lolland-Falster
2017 – master thesis
KADK / Institute of Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape
professors: Christina Capetillo, Sophie Sahlqvist, Steen Hoyer (visiting) 



Along the E 47 is a project conceived to strengthen and reconnect ecologies across the highway, combining economical, ecological, social and cultural values. Climatic adaptation and landscape design allow the region to draw from the stretch of growth that cuts through, creating regional empowerment and evoking the passengers’ curiosity. Local attractions and facilities are concentrated around highway exits: fast turns to slow, scenery becomes three dimensional – and a new highway landscape appears.





PART I: Landscape strategyPORTFOLIO_compressed_WEB_22-23


PART II: Rest areas